This Belles Aria Phono is a MM & MC phono stage.

The Aria Phono is the sensible mid‐priced alternative to low priced units that have substandard performance, or high priced phono stages that only make sense if they are paired with only the most expensive turntable and cartridge systems. The Aria phono matches perfectly with mid‐priced turntables and cartridges.

The Aria Phono is designed to work with either moving‐magnet or moving –coil cartridges. Switching between the two types of cartridges is as easy as selecting a switch on the rear panel of the unit. When using moving‐coil cartridges the cartridge loading is adjustable between two different options.

The build quality of the Aria Phono is designed to optimize performance. The die‐cast aluminum chassis is RF tight, making it impervious to outside electrical and microphonic mechanical interference. The unit’s well‐regulated power supply is designed to overcome line voltage fluctuations and filters out hum and noise. Internal components include polypropylene capacitors and metal film resistors in the RIAA compensation stage circuit.

Peak performance and sensibly priced, the Aria Phono is the obvious choice for your mid‐priced turntable system.

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