This Belles SA-100 is a 100-watt X 2 solid-state stereo amplifier.

The Key to Exceptional Performance. The Belles SA-100 Stereo Amplifier is the key to experiencing an incomparable musical performance.

As a member of the Power Modules Statement Series, the SA-100 possesses a pedigree that could produce nothing less. It contains the same technological advances that distinguishes the entire Statement Series line. The result is the most musical reproduction of the recorded performance in a 100-watt amplifier.

The rugged construction of the SA-100 aids in providing a rigid structure to eliminate mechanical feedback vibrations. For example, the top and bottom covers are 1/4-inch thick machined aluminum, the side panels are 3/8-inch thick aluminum, and the front panel is 1/2 inch aluminum. .

Gold-plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) binding posts and input jacks.

The amplifier utilizes a dual-mono design. Power is supplied via two massive toroidal transformers.

The class AB amplification circuit uses a complimentary circuit topology to ensure perfect symmetry and performance from the positive and negative signal throughout the unit. The input stage uses a complimentary differential amp input stage.

Each output stage uses 8 power mosfet transistors, capable of driving a wide variety of speaker loads. Unit distortion is virtually unmeasurable. Distortionless performance results in unparalleled clarity and musicality. The musical performance comes alive. Also, a 12-volt trigger is available for system applications.

The Belles SA-100 Stereo Amplifier is  the key to unlocking the greatest possible performance from you audio system. As you listen, you will be astonished as you find yourself progressively drawn into the performance. Detail upon detail, nuance upon nuance will be revealed.

You will experience levels of musicality that rival that of any other 100-watt per channel amplifier.

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