September 2018 - Aria Preamplifier and Mono Block Amplifiers Review

"There is not a much better single-brand stereo separates setup to be found under $10K. If you desire a clean solution for electronics that will never let you down in terms of performance and will showcase even upper end speakers, the PMI Belles Aria components are a wise choice."  

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June 2016 - Aria Integrated Amplifier Review

"If you love the smooth, liquid delivery of tube amps but wish they had more grunt, listen to the Aria."  

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November 2018 - Aria Integrated Amplifier - Client Comments

Hi David Belles,

"Just thought that I would share my recent experience of purchasing your Belles Aria Integrated Amp.


First of all, I would like to thank David Jensen from Red Leaf Audio for his excellent customer service and his tremendous knowledge as an Audiophile for advising and pointing me in the right direction with this purchase.


I was looking at moving from a Home Theatre system to a more high-end 2-channel audio system.


David Jensen introduced me to the Belles Aria Integrated Amp and because of his advice and his extensive knowledge with high-end Audio equipment, he highly recommended this Amp to me.


I ended up getting this Amp and must honestly say that I am extremely happy with my acquisition of this fine Integrated Amplifier.


Right out of the box this Amp sounded incredible and I am sure that it will sound even better, once it is broken-in, which is hard to believe, as it sounds so great now.


The sound is clean and I’m hearing sounds from my vinyl and CD’S that I have never heard before and I find that I’m anxious to listen to my music collection more often and at every opportunity I get.

In my opinion, this has to be one of the best high-end audiophile Integrated Amplifier at this price point, truly incredible, crystal clear and clean sounding.


My compliments to you for designing such a great Integrated Amplifier.


Got to go now, so I can turn on my Belles Integrated Amp and continue listening to my music collection once again."


Best Regards,

Dennis S.