Digital is King. Digital is everywhere. Digital is the future

There is only one problem. Humans don't understand digital. We don't experience the world in ones and zeros. We experience the world in ANALOG.

Digital might be King but ANALOG is Queen. She has the final say before an audio performance can be enjoyed by humans. To experience the Queen in all her glory, you need the Belles Virtuoso integrated amplifier.  

The Virtuoso has over 200 watts of clean power per channel into eight Ohms.  It uses a dual mono power supply to isolate power between each channel.

Listening options include a monitoring loop so processors or tape recorder can be inserted into the listening chain. A home theater bypass loop lets you access the Virtuoso's power amplifier directly, bypassing the preamplifier section. A complete phono preamplifier accommodating both high level moving magnet and low level moving coil cartridges is included to further enhance your analog listening enjoyment.

Large, highly legible power level indicating meters, a 1/4 inch headphone output jack, and a black front panel round out the package.  This makes the Virtuoso a perfect choice for audio enthusiasts looking for great sound but don't want to give up the flexibility of a feature rich component.

A five year product warranty is our guarantee that your Belles Virtuoso Integrated Amplifier will provide you with years of analog listening enjoyment.  Audition the Virtuoso to experience the Queen, to experience analog, to experience music.